CyeWeb 2.5

It is a new multi-hybrid IP/analogue intelligent video surveillance software
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NovoSun Technology Limited

CyeWeb is the newest generation multi-hybrid IP/analogue intelligent video surveillance software.
CyeWeb supports multi-hybrid capture sources, allowing you to connect IP cameras(over 50 brands and hundreds cameras), analogue PCI/PCI-E capture cards, hardware compression card, USB-webcam and network stream, etc.

It natively supports "dual stream" capture devices, such as IP camera or hardware compression card. This allows you to retrieve two compresssed streams concurrently in the same channel, one high-quality and one low resolution; with this feature, high-quality videos can be stored locally for playback, at the same time low resolution videos can be live-viewed with low computation requirement, which in turn allows you to connect more cameras in one system.

You can also use CyeWeb to connect remote Windows Media Stream, or other CyeWebs(CyeWeb inteconnection).
The software offers video analytics solution in optional modules. For example, object counting, suspicious object detection, loitering detection, illegal parking, fire/smoke detection, human tracking and counting, etc.

CyeWeb features a powerful and easy to use timeline playback system, which allows you to access recorded videos with a 24-hour timeline and date control, and zoom the time down to second with a slider bar or mouse-wheel. All videos/audios from different channels can be played synchronously in negative and positive speed.

CyeWeb integrates a transact(PoS) monitoring system for loss prevention to capture activity at the till of supermarket, ATM, etc. You can define rules to alarm on abnormal transactions such as high amount of refund or money withdrawal. Also you can search back transact-activities and playback the videos with just a few keywords.

CyeWeb also has many other features, such as e-Map, IP POS, instant playback, DIO/alarm box, statistics graph, spot-screen, PTZ, motion detection, de-interlace filter, mask filter, event tag overlay filter, storage recycle, export video to ASF, and SDK for third-party integration, etc.

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